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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Addicted To Facebook?

Do you have a Facebook account? This is the reason why I am sometimes not been updating my blog for how many days. I have been to Facebook lately and I am hooked with their games - Scrabble. I have my friends there too. I must admit that I nearly abandoned some social networking websites but never ever will I abandon my blogging career (if there's any) because I still love to blog and share with you everything.

I hope I am still in your blog roll. I promise that if I get back to my senses, I will visit your blog, drop EC and leave some comments to your post. Thank you for my readers who supported me all the time. You know who you are girls! I owe you big time already. So, just bear with me for the moment.

10 Warning Signs That You May Be Addicted To Facebook:

1. Facebook is your home page.

2. You update your status more than twice a day.

3. You have over 500 "friends" half of whom you've never actually met.

4. As soon as you step away from your computer you're on FB on your phone.

5. You are a FB stalker. You qualify as a FB stalker if you

a) click on someone's profile more than once a day even if they haven't messaged or tagged you in a photo.

b) have dragged and dropped more than 3 FB photos (not from your own profile)

c) actually go to a place mentioned on someone's page in hopes of seeing them in real life...creepy!

6. You change your profile picture more than a 12-year=old girl.

7. You have checked your FB page while reading this article.

8. You clean up your "wall" so it looks like you spend less time on FB.

9. You are a member of more than 10 groups and respond to every event invitation "attending" even if you have no intention of going.

10. You change your relationship status just to mess with people.

The 10 warnings signs were according to Tara Stiles. I got it from Yahoo News. Why I joined Facebook? It is easier to access than any other social networking websites. So, if you have a Facebook account, do add me and let's meet from there. Thank you!


Umma said...

I havent check the Facebook.. so Im clueless what's all about.. But I heard a lot about it, Im not just interested like the friendster.. I dont know why hahaha

Hazelicious929 said...

hahaha, I have no more interest in Friendster sistah Umma oi. ambot ngano, but before I was so eager to check what's new, karon kay naa na ko sa Facebook, not to check updates but to play hehehe

kittykat said...

Hi haze,,,I too have a facebook account but I have not updated it until now..Thanks for reminding me..

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Kat! I am glad that you have Facebook, I found it interesting and I am having fun!

Generous Heart said...

Hey just update my FB account since my hubby's cousin invited me.and she said it's very addicted indeed! and so i was so curios what this all about and you are soo right! hmm Im scared i might get addicted too.

Hazelicious929 said...

hahaha, games are so addictive in Facebook that's why I hooked on it. You will get addicted to it if you will get hooked! hahaha