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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ask Me!

I grabbed this question and answer from Cecile - Down Home With The Kenyons. I have nothing to write for my blog at this moment so I thought this tag can bring some audience here. Enjoy!

1. Do you want to grow old with someone or be single?
::: I want to grow old with my husband! :::

2. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
::: Still in deep slumber :::

3. What were you doing in last 30 minutes?
::: I had to go to the bathroom :::

4. What was something that happened to you in 1998?
::: I was in my 4th year in High School :::

5. If you were stranded on an island with the person you hated and without food what would you do?
::: I guess it is time for us to talk about something than be bored, right? :::

6. When someone catches your eye,do you try to make an eye contact or avoid it?
::: I try to make and eye contact then avoid it :::

7. What color is your comb?
::: I have 3 combs - Blue, Yellow and Black :::

8.What was the last thing you bought?
::: Fruits and Vegetables :::

9. How do you know when your in-love?
::: I act so naive and careful :::

10. Have you been to China?
::: Is Hong Kong counted?

11. Where do you keep your money?
::: I keep them anywhere! :::

12. Do you wish you were back together with any of your exes?
::: I am happy where I am right now :::


Cecile said...

Zel, dear thanks for grabbing this, you know there is more, just go back to my blog and click more at the bottom and you'll find more questions you will probably enjoy answering :-)have fun!

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Cecile! OO nga I enjoy answering questions like this especially when I am out of something to write

Thanks you Cecs!