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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Go MARCHing in

We bid goodbye to February and here comes a new beginning, another month to enjoy - March. Thinking what happened to the month of February. Of course, everybody felt February brought love and joy to their lives. I wonder why time flies so fast. Was it just me or just because the month of February has 28 days to fulfill? What really happened to me in the month of February? Well, I celebrated love and friendship during the whole month. I get to see my long time friends in Florida and we had fun. My dreams came true when I visited Disney World Magic Kingdom and the beaches in Florida is really beautiful!

Now, it's time to face another month. That means to say, paying our bills on time, keeping straight on our budget, maybe a well-planned short trip along the way and getting back to work as early as possible. Oh yeah, I will be coming back to work soon plus my husband's birthday is coming up. How about you guys? How do you keep track your plan in a month? What do you do to sort things out and maintained a balance life?

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Joy said...

actually, i do not plan much, it makes me upset when a plan does not materialize, so just the routine chores and with big plans que sera sera :)

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