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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm a Couch Potato

Photo not mine

Aside from blogging, I watch TV a lot. My husband is the same. We watch anything on TV - news, entertainment, game shows, western shows, science fiction, reality shows, horror, comedy, love and romance movies. If we find it interesting, we will watch it. But somehow, I miss watching Philippine telenovelas, showbiz entertainment, comedy and drama shows. 

Since we didn't subscribe to any Filipino channel, I found a way where I can watch them. It feels so good when you're able to watch the shows. It's not just about watching them, it's about learning, getting updated and feeling the drama about life. Something to look forward to everyday because you don't want to miss any shows. As of the moment, I am enjoying watching Mara Clara, Green Rose, Mutya and Magic Palayok. 


Kim, USA said...

Wahhh we are all guilty on being a couch potato, at my popcorn pa katabi ^_^ I am the only one who watch horror movie but all the corner in our house could hear my voice shouting ^_^ And you are right, their is no one who could help us but God, we have to all pray. Thanks for the visit!

Anne said...

I love the Imortal but I could not watch it anymore, hopefully after exam ni Jm

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