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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amazing Domestic Seafood Recipe

I have been a great fan of seafood all my life because I grew up in an island in the South Pacific. My favorites are shrimp, crabs and fish. Eating seafood was like amazing as I get healthy benefits from it. Seafood is a source of protein in many diets around the world. I can just mixed seafood when I cook pasta or simply make a seafood appetizer which is a mouth-watering idea when somebody is on a diet. Last New Year's eve, I have created a simple recipe for my seafood theme. It is made mainly of shrimp, pineapple chunks and broccoli. I call it as Shrimpylicious Seafood. I don't have any idea at all what I am doing and came up with that recipe name. I don't know also if that's included in a recipe cookbook but doing the recipe was sure a lot of fun and easy. For the procedure of my Shrimpylicious Seafood, I boiled the medium size shrimps for 5 minutes or until the shrimp is cook and broccoli florets for an easy bite for about 2 minutes. Drain the juice of pineapple chunks and mix it all together with the shrimp and broccoli. Add a pinch of salt and pepper or to your desired taste then simply add mayonnaise salad dressing.

For the coming Great American Seafood Cook off event, I would like to make a very easy wonderful Filipino dish called "kinilaw" meaning to “cook” in vinegar. It’s not really cooking since there is no heat involved. But soaking fish or some other seafood in a strong vinegar solution turns the meat opaque and gives it a texture of having been cooked. There are variety of fish that can be use in making "kinilaw" such as tuna, cavalla, sea bass and grouper. The dish is just easy to make since there's no heating involved. Just season the cubed fish with salt and pepper then soak it with strong white vinegar (or you can use sugar cane vinegar) and let it stand for about 15-30 minutes. Add some of onions, ginger, bell peppers and coconut milk to perk up your dish and crushed chillies for maximum potency. You can add some limes for extra mouth-watering flavor and extra twist of the dish.

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