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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baked Ribs With Beef Consomme Soup

Baked Short Ribs with Beef Consomme Soup

Pork or Beef ribs are one of my favorites. When Rowena posted her recipe about the
Baked Short Ribs with Beef Consomme Soup, I know I was going to follow her recipe. One thing that made me cook it because I love eating spareribs. So, I printed the recipe and started cooking it. I prepared all the necessary ingredients and clean the beef ribs. Mixed the seasoned flour. I boiled the beef ribs first to make the meat tender. Then, coat the beef ribs with the seasoned flour and fry until golden brown.

The Baked Ribs with Baked Potato and Sweet Corn

In a container which is good for oven cooking, put and arrange the ribs, then pour the can of beef consomme soup. I don't eat raw sweet onions but luckily, the sweet onions are also baked so that's fine with me. I can only eat cooked onions but not raw. My husband loves to eat raw sweet onions plus, I put both yellow and red sweet onions on top of it. I also baked potato with sweet corn on the side as an alternative for white rice. It was a knocked out! My husband love it so much!

Evidence of a good meal!

We had a good meal! We enjoyed every bit of it, the tender meat especially the soup. At the end of our meal, the rib bones was taken to Wacko's place so all 3 of us enjoyed the Baked short ribs with beef consomme soup. Try to cook this at home. It is so easy to prepare and it's very delicious! Bon Appetite!


Wena said...

Ubos nga talaga.....good naman at nagustuhan nyo....=)

hazelicious929 said...

hehehe, correct Weng! sarap talaga sya... Thanks for the recipe! and yes we really like, for sure, magluluto ulit ako nito hehehehe