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Friday, October 17, 2008

What's Your Money Personality?

Your Money Personality is Healthy

You have a good relationship with money.

You don't spend wildly, but you're not opposed to treating yourself on occasion.

In general, you save some of what you earn.

You know the importance of a nest egg.

You aren't afraid of being financially literate - you embrace learning more about finances.

From a retirement plan to having an emergency fund, you know what you need to have to be safe.


simplyjacy said...

i'm curious what will be the result of my quiz. i'm going to take it in awhile.

how was your day, Haze?

hazelicious929 said...

it would be nice to know what's your money personality Jacs hehehe... It is always a must to save for everything especially now that the economy is down

I am doing good... off from work now since Wednesday and getting ready to go down Kentucky next week...

Generous Heart said...

I think I am not going to pass this money test thingy hahahhaha....But i will try to take the test though! oh well what the heck hhehehehheheh!

hazelicious929 said...

you shouldn't! you should take the test hehehe let's see what's your money personality hehehe