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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My KFC Treat!

Finally! After having been deprived for my KFC cravings for several months, I finally got to eat the original fried chicken. I even blog about it - Somehow, I Miss KFC!. It was like more of a want than a winter clothes shopping for me. I keep on wishing that someday, there would be a KFC fast food in town where we live. So that whenever I want to eat fried chicken, I can just drive in town and get it.

It was the time when we are about to go back to our home sweet home to visit my husband's family and some friends. Winn asked me if I am ready for a KFC treat. I told him 'yes' with a big excitement on my face. We finally found the first KFC store at Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Imagine how many miles we have driven just to get a Kentucky Fried Chicken treat?! We ordered one bucket meal with original fried chicken recipe, a cup of gravy and a cup of coleslaw. We had so much fun eating while moving going home to the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


simplyjacy said...

looking at those yummy chicken makes me want to have some for dinner. i'll ask TS to buy some on his way home. me hungry!

hazelicious929 said...

I love KFC jud Jacs, last Saturday we had hot chicken wings! So yummy! hehehe