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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Chinese Cookbook

It was my 26th birthday when I got a present from Rowena - The Everyday CHINESE Cook Book. As I look over inside the book, I felt the passion in me that I wanted to cook everything in it. I love the Asian cuisine. Be it Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Malaysian and Thai food. I just love the spices added to every food in the Asian cuisine. My eyes were filled with so much excitement and eagerness to start cooking. So, the night of my birthday dinner, I prepared the Spicy Spareribs and the Red and White Prawn with Vegetables. It was delicious! It was like, we ate in a fine dining restaurant. I can say, I had fun during my 26th birthday because I made something special, celebrated my birthday with my husband and so loved with all the birthday cards and presents I got from my wonderful friends. Thank you Wenggay for this cookbook! I will surely use this and keep it.


Wena said...

you're very welcome hazie....glad u like it:)

hazelicious929 said...

I really like it Weng... So far, I have cooked 5 recipes already using the cookbook hehehe