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Sunday, October 5, 2008

In and Out Rain

It is Sunday and everything outside is gloomy.I missed going to church as I woke up late for the usual time I should be in the church. It started to have a few showers last night. The wind blows so hard that I have a hard time getting to sleep. I have been tossing and turning in our bed last night and there are times that I am already disturbing mu husband into his sleep. I am disturbed by the wind blowing. He gave me a hugs and kisses to put me into sleep.

My day went fine. I have been working even on Sundays. The weather is still bad. Luckily we have few customers to fill up the campground. I have to prepare all the things I needed as I will be starting to file the sales tax form and send it in to avoid delays of the business. Besides, it is also my job to take care of everything as a multi-tasking receptionist or shall I say, jack-of-all-trade receptionist. I am having fun actually. I can't wait for my bonus and salary to be at hand. I know I am only working for the season but definitely will be back when the season starts to open again for all campers and I am ready to meet them once again.


simplyjacy said...

so Haze, magclose diay ang campgrounds ug winter? when man mo sunod mangabli?

hazelicious929 said...

Yes Jacs, we will close October 15 or 20... We will be open again by April 15 or May 1 depending on the weather here in ND