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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My EntreCard!

Finally, after trying several times to sign up for my own EntreCard, I already have one! It has been a while since I started signing up for EntreCard, unfortunately, I have some errors that I can't go through and get my own. So, I let it go for awhile and I would say that I wanted to forget about it. I was thinking it would be just a waste of time to put it in my blog profile. I was bitter about it then. So, I have stopped signing up to get my EntreCard.

Luckily, just few hours ago, I have chatted with Roche. I asked her about EntreCard and she cropped my picture that I wanted to upload in my EntreCard image. If not for her, I may not be able to have my own E-Card that I will put in my blog profile. I just wish that there will be more people to give me a drop now that I have my own E-Card. Thank you so much Roche for the help!


simplyjacy said...

i am one of those who would be dropping EC on you!

i love the picture you put in it too. how's your day Haze?

hazelicious929 said...

same here Jacs! hehehe Thank you for dropping EC yesterday. My day is great, I went grocery shopping with Winn today which I really miss the most since I got the job here in the campground.

Thank you for the compliment Jacy... My husband loves it too hehehe