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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Phone is Ringing!

Here is the syndrome once again! As you all know that I have worked as a call center agent back at home and the feeling of working near a phone makes it weird for me. I don't know why but it was like an abnormal condition for me. Then, I got a job here as a receptionist which requires to answer phone calls and make arrangements with some businesses too. It was like every time I will hear the phone is ringing, it was like I am oblige to answer it. Even in my dreams, I can hear the phone is ringing and I have to open my eyes and hear it once again that it is not an imagination nor from my dream. When I opened my eyes, the phone is not ringing anymore. Then it is hard for me to go back to sleep again.

Then yesterday, while me and my husband was watching TV, I heard the phone was ringing. I got up from the couch to answer it but as soon as I took my first step, the actress from the TV show say "hello?". My husband asked me, why did I get up? I just told him that I am supposed to answer the phone. But he said the phone was ringing on the TV show not our own phone. We just laughed about the instant phone incident and enjoyed the whole TV show instead.


simplyjacy said...

that's really funny, Haze. luckily i didn't have that syndrome.

btw, i have an award for you.

hazelicious929 said...

correct Jacy! I don't know why this is happening to me but it was like an everyday routine for me to answer the phone hehehe

Thank you for the award Jacs, I will grab it...

Wena said...

you and Tita D r the same,she just suddenly got up everytime the phone rang and to find out it was in the tv...Bossing said that tita is paranoid na sa sound ng phone=)

hazelicious929 said...

hahahaha, true! maka-paranoid ang ring ng phone. It's like the sound is already stuck in my head and its part of my routine day hehehe