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Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's a Very Nice Gift!

It is not the grandfather's clock or the piano I wanted to blog about. It is the black and gray top. Last September 29 (oh yeah, it is my birthday!) I got a gift from a wonderful friend, Wena. It is a nice black and gray striped top. I like the texture and the cloth of my new top. It is 100% made of acrylic. It keeps my body warm especially that the weather here in North Dakota is getting colder and breezy. But I still have to put on my jacket and gloves to keep me warmer for my arms and hands. I think Rowena spoiled me much on my birthday, she also gave me 26 chocolate truffles (because it is my 26th birthday) and some other chocolates, plus the 2 mascara make-ups and a lip gloss. I just want to say that a big THANK YOU for making my birthday a special one.


Wena said... looks good on you..really buti na lang you like it....thanks at sinuot mo=)

hazelicious929 said...

hehehe thank you Weng, sabi nga rin ni Winn it looks good on me. Thank you sa gift mo na mabango! hehehehe

simplyjacy said...

witwew! you look good in the top Wen gave you. she's very thoughtful. you deserve it, Haze.

do you play the piano?

hazelicious929 said...

Thank you Jacy! yes she's thougtful talaga Jacs, I got chocolates too hehehe

No, I don't play the piano, how I wish! hehehe, display lang yan here sa office sa campground


wow pinangga diay kaayo ha thats nice of Wena girl.

hazelicious929 said...

oh yes of course! very thoughtful kaayo si Wena... Thank you Roche!