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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Birthday Card From My Sister

It has been 1 month ago since I celebrated my 26th birthday. I had to work that day. My husband surprised me with colorful flowers and triple chocolate-coffee ice cream. I must say that my birthday celebration went well even I am working that day. What surprises me was the birthday card that my sister - Haide sent me. I know it has been long overdue for the day of my birthday but the thought of sending me a birthday greeting card does count as she expressed how she missed me terribly.

Oh how I miss my sister so much, my mother and my younger sister. Since my father passed away 5 years ago, we have been helping each other to be strong and to celebrate our life as a wonderful family together. Here's the birthday message that my sister sent me:

(Sis, of all the things we've ever shared... our room - jewelry - dessert - sweaters - make up - cars... our friendship means the most to me. Happy Birthday!) - message from the birthday card

Actual birthday message from my sister:

If you were just a ride away, I would be there knocking at your door to party with you and have a taste of cake and wine. Since it's impossible (and I still don't know how to drive... hehehe) right now, hope this card is enough to make you smile on your special day. Just want to let you know that you are remembered on your birthday.


Wena said...

kasweet sa imong sissy....makatouched pud nuh?

hazelicious929 said...

true! my tears fell down while reading it. I miss her so much Weng