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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colorful Dinnerwares

From our 2 old houses back in Kentucky to our house here in North Dakota, I have always wanted things organized, clean and colorful. It took me a while to have our house organized as my time was taken every time I go to work. It was 2 weeks after we moved to our new house, I got the job as a receptionist in a campground which is just a mile from our house. So there's no hassle for a long drive for how many miles just to reach my workplace. Since I graduated from college and moved to Makati City, Philippines I have become an independent person and found my luck in real corporate world. I am renting an apartment which I have shared to my friend so it wouldn't be hard for me to pay the full rent.

And there I was, building my dreams, living alone and found myself shopping for the things I needed in my apartment - the kitchen utensils, my own complete bedding and every thing that I needed to live comfortable alone in the big city of Makati. Just after my birthday, I ordered this Ambience 16-piece Dinnerware Set to spice up the color of our kitchen. The colorful dinnerware set will instantly add warm to our table. It is hand painted decorated in shades of berry, spice, almond and olive made of durable stoneware. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe. I can't wait for more collections in my kitchen...

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