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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ain't Much Pumpkin

After cleaning the house today, I gave myself a good and warm bubble bath. I told myself that this is the best time to use the bubble bath I purchased yesterday. I was sweating all over my body and my clothes are dirty from cleaning. So I ran my bath water with some bubble bath and relaxed in the tub for half an hour. But I noticed that the bubble bath I bought wasn't good enough to make bubbles. I was looking for more bubbles so I can soak my body in it but they never came. I poured half bottle of the bubble bath but still it is not enough to create bubbles for me. I even asked for Winn's help to create bubbles for me but his effort of making some bubbles didn't last. It turned out, after 30 minutes, I took the usual bath I have.


simplyjacy said...

what brand did you use, Haze?
the one i got is Lander with the scent of cucumber and melon. i haven't bathe on it but when i prepared a warm bubble bath for TS, it bubbles real good.

i'll be having my desired bath when i have much time. i'd like to soak on it after my shower. i'm paranoid man gud. i don't want to soak myself in my own dirt. hehehe!

hazelicious929 said...

I bought the one from Crystal Water Spa - Rose Petals. I think it's not good. I might want to try other brands that will satisfy my bubble bath someday hehehehe