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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just Got Lucky

Wow! Am I the lucky person tonight? Or simply my patience paid off? For several months now that I have been blogging and catching some opportunities, this is the only day/night that I was glued in-front of my computer doing my task. I have been checking my PayPerPost and SocialSpark wishing I could catch some opportunities to blog about or better yet click on "wait a slot" then wait for my reserved opportunity then do my task.

For tonight, I got 4 opportunities which will add to my earnings (thinking ahead for the approval). This means to say, my earnings from blogging are growing and that it will be ready to be saved in the bank. I hope for more task and approval will come my way. Thank you dear Lord! Thank you also to PayPerPost and SocialSpark. Life has been great!


Sachi said...

mau yads kay daghan opportunities dha i still have to grab some opportunities dha sa pay per post lisoda dri sa pinas hehehe basin pud hinoon gamay ra traffice ako blogs mao wla jud opportunity but i hope in time maka earn ko dri...goodluck yads on ur opportunity....bangka ice cream ha

hazelicious929 said...

Mao jud Yadz oi, thank you kaayo naka visit ka sa site nako hehehe. Just make more post yads and exchange links with other bloggers...

Take care ka diha always