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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Day Sale at Sears!

So, what am I doing before Turkey Day? This question makes me think of so many things. Since we came home from Kentucky, my consciousness had stopped for a little bit. It seems that I have to keep all my energy as I will be helping my husband to unload all the things and start unpacking. Our new place is calling for some cleaning and fixing. My mind is nowhere to be found and I need to get back to myself to keep things organize. I need to do something productive before the Turkey Day!

It feels like all the great deals you can find will be after Thanksgiving Day. With prices which are drastically reduced and great deals are everywhere. What about great deals before Thanksgiving Day? It takes some magnificent deals to push some people out of their bed and be out into blistering cold parking lots to camp and wait for hours. It is time to uplift the spirits of the people! And it's time for the Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale!

It would be nice to have something new in the kitchen in our new place. Since all Kenmore cookware, bake ware and kitchen appliances, grills are on sale! Of course, I would love to have all of them but since we can't afford everything, I rather get something that will help me a lot - a dishwasher! A perfect gift for me! Since organizing the house will be all me, I can run into my dishwasher to clean all the dishes while I am taking care of the other chores. Great deals and great savings!


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