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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! myspace graphic comments

For this time a year, I am celebrating my 2nd Thanksgiving Day with my husband here in the United States. Supposedly, celebrating our 3rd Thanksgiving Day (1st Thanksgiving Day was in the Philippines - 2006). Today, we are not going to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family side, instead we will just celebrate it together in the restaurant. We already made our reservations for tonight and I am pretty sure this will be a romantic Thanksgiving celebration.

We thank God for all the blessings and for the good health. We thank God for our wonderful relationship, with the love we always share with each other and for all the sweet moments we always have everyday. For all my friends, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy the turkey!


anneberly said...

all my friend will go to Buffalo NY to buy sell goods /... Black Friday sale..
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Wena said...

hello Hazie,happy thanks giving to you and Winn,i bet it will be a lovely dinner but crowded for sure....Enjoy my friend!!!!

DebbieDana said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you!

Just want to extend our deepest gratitude to your comments about my mother-in-law's passing.


hazelicious929 said...

@ Anneberly:

That's good to know. I stayed home last Black Friday. I didn't go shopping as I have so many things to do. Thanks for visiting

hazelicious929 said...

Hello Wenggay! Happy Thanksgiving to you too... sorry late kaayo ang reply kay my internet connection is acting up hehehe

hazelicious929 said...

@ DebbieDana:

I am so sorry about your lost. Thank you for the Thanksgiving greetings. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you too.