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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Need a Break!

After we got home 5 days ago, I felt like I am restless here. I know I should be happy because we are home before the blizzard gets on our way. We got home fine and safe. I was able to meet some Filipina friends I met in church. My husband and I experienced the first Filipina gathering last Saturday and it went well. The lakes are starting to get frozen. Pheasant hunters are on the move to hunt. They are everywhere. There were so many pheasants along the highway when we were going to South Dakota. My husband's truck almost hit one male pheasants while it was flying across the road. If it did, we had a great feast!

After the gathering, we went home and stayed home since then. It was very cold outside. I stayed in bed the whole day for 3 days while watching TV and at the same time doing my thing over the internet. I eat and drink in our bed. The only time I would get up is when the time nature calls for it. I am all lazy! Everything is not set-up yet. I should have at least some energy to start unpacking our things. My husband invited me to go to the mall to buy something but I said I don't want to go out. I should be glad when he's inviting me to go to the mall because he knows I love going to the mall and it is very rare that my husband said that because he hates being in the mall because of the crowd. Maybe after Thanksgiving I am all well and will have the energy and ready for the Black Friday shopping!


D said...

Hi Haze, bakit ka tinatamad? Is it because of the weather? Nakakatamad din ang fall and winter, ano? Ang ginaw kasi. Ako nga din ayoko lumabas pag maginaw. I'd rather stay home and cuddle under the covers. Nakakarelate ako sa sinabi mo that your husband does not like going to the mall. Ganyan din husband ko! hehehe Everytime magshopping kami, gusto niya you buy right ahead whatever it is you want to buy tapos uwi na. hehehe

hazelicious929 said...

correct! It is really cold up here in ND. Snow were everywhere. I agree! I guess our husbands doesn't want to go to the mall... If I want to, I want to enjoy it. no rush and no waiting... I can go to the mall alone but it wouldn't be fun at all...