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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lombok - Eastern Inspired Living

It has been over a year now since me and my husband went furniture shopping for our house that we can call it a home. I never realized that it took me hours to decide which style and design, kind of wood to consider and the color that I really want. It was my first furniture shopping with my husband. Building and decorating houses is really a pain in the head. Sometimes, just by decorating our own house is stressful as we wanted things to be organized. Of course, all what we want are the best and everything is physically arranged to its own place.

We have moved twice already, looking for the not-so-perfect house and place where we can build our lives together. Of course, decorating the new house is really a big deal for me. I have been spending some of my time browsing home magazines where I can get ideas on how I can turn the bare from a lovely house. From the furniture, home accessories, color and lighting of the house, I want our new place to get the look of beauty and versatility whatever home-style that is inspired by traditional and contemporary.

LOMBOK is renowned for an Eastern-inspired living. Their passion is to use recycled and natural materials wherever possible, for pieces that are naturally stylish and comfortable with that reassuring live-in feel. You can choose different styles from furniture, lighting and accessories including wooden beds, dining tables with dining chairs, wooden bookcases, chest of drawers, cushions, baskets, candles and a lot more. By visiting their website, you can simply browse by room - Dining, Living, Bedroom and Study room or simply browse by collection with different varieties to choose from that fits your personality. My husband is a coffee lover so I will let him choose between the rustic or contemporary, teak wood or glass coffee tables to look good in our new living room and to complete our furniture shopping. As for me, I wouldn't mind to have a new computer desk to give my laptop a good view while I am doing my blogging. They offer 20% discount on selected items where you can shop something to give this Christmas.


simplyjacy said...

furnishing a house is really fun especially if you have the greens.

that looks like a nice set, Haze. i'm sure your house will look homey and comfy.

hazelicious929 said...

correct Jacy. Since we keep on moving, we might have just to foresee what's going on with the US economy before spending too much money on furnishing a house hehehe