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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Will Be Back

On Hiatus! I will be out for 2 days as we will be moving back to North Dakota this time... for good. Although the house here in Kentucky didn't sell yet because of the ailing economy. We are leaving our house empty and the Realtor which is our neighbor and a good friend of ours will be the one watching from time to time. Pretty much, we are almost done packing, loading the things and cleaning the house.

I won't be here checking and reading your blogs but rest assured that after everything is organized in our place, I will be starting to blog hopping and visiting your blog site. See you soon!


Anonymous said...

see u around hazey... take care

hazelicious929 said...

see you Noll... Thank you for dropping by. Luckily I have my wi-fi card with me plus the wi-fi in this hotel to keep going in blogging hehehe

Wena said...

take care hazie....and see you around.,..

hazelicious929 said...

Thank you Wenggay... I will be around soon