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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DVD Collections

Recently, I have been addicted collecting DVD's, be it a movie or TV show series. I just couldn't see myself missing those movies and TV series that I have missed watching. It all started when I purchased my very first own collections of the complete series Sex and the City. Sure it cost me a fortune to purchased them all but it cost me so much joy and happiness when I get to watch them and collect them. I think this will be my hobby as I love watching movies and TV a lot. It will take time to buy them one by one as I need to save also but that's fine because I can buy them at a cheaper price when they are on sale. I wish to collect more of my favorite movies and TV show series someday. I wish that their price will come down someday too.


simplyjacy said...

hello Haze!

Travis and I stopped collecting DVDs since he doesn't get to watch it again. it might eventually get old and a new version of disk might come and became more popular just like how VHS lost its own.

we are so reliant on Netflix these days. hehehe! however, we still buy original dvds to add to my bro's collection.

hazelicious929 said...

hehehe correct Jacs, I agree pud nimu... in 5 years or 10 years time, there might be changes. I have heard about netflix but hesitant to sign up for them...

Wena said...

I have some collections too Hazie,like the old love stories that I told you to watch,my all time fave is the Legend of the fall and First Knight.....i know it costs alot but it made us smile so who cares db?

hazelicious929 said...

correct Weng! I agree jud nimu, magreklamo jud si Winn nako sige lang daw ko buy mga DVD's kay I can watch it man daw sa directv hehehe... I just say, its a collection hehehe

I am looking forward to complete some of the TV series that I love to watch such as House, M.D. and The Unit