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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Give a Gift, Grant a Wish!

Every Christmas season, I have been looking forward to so many things. We helped each other to decorate the house with Christmas decors, wrapping gifts for family and friends, making the menu plan that we will serve on the table for Christmas dinner and creating my wish list. Of course, who does not have a wish list for Christmas? Everyone does! I know that the holiday season is just right around the corner and it is time to put smiles on their faces to everyone we surely love. Making our love ones happy is one great thing we can do even if it is a small thing.

This holiday season, it is time to give a gift and grant a wish for our loved ones. Make it happen with Sears Layaway! They have a program that you can shop and pay later. For this coming Christmas, the three items I would choose to purchase for my family and friends for the upcoming holidays are:
  • Garage and Tool Storage from Craftsman for my husband. His tools were everywhere in our garage. It was a mess! When the time he needed to use them, they are nowhere to be found. Therefore, it is about time to be organized!
  • Proform CrossWalk 415 Treadmill for my two sisters. They simply want to be fit and healthy. There is no need to go to the gym to hit the treadmill and pay for the fee.
  • Sienna Comforter Set Collection for my mother. With this gift, she can sleep comfortable especially when it is cold at night.
With layaway, I can get the gifts I want to give and I am able to pay off the items over a short period. This is going to be a bigger savings for me since I will not be paying for the full price one at a time. Gift giving makes everyone happy and granting his or her wishes makes the whole world happy.


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