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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Fuel Price!

This past few days, I was surprised when I saw the gas prices going down cents after cents everyday. In my older post last May 2008 Pennies and Dimes, the gas prices were soaring up high like crazy. My husband and I loves to go on a road trip whenever we can. When the gas prices went up, we slowed down on our usual road trips. We ended up staying at home and save money instead. It's one way of keeping our budget on track and never be broke when the time comes for the emergency.

I wish that it will stay the same so that more people will enjoy traveling, more people can afford to go to their workplace and they will never complain about how fast the gas prices can go up instantly. In a year of living here, I have heard so many people complain when they pump the gas. I know their sentiments as I can feel it too. I just wish that the government will do something about it, work on it so that our nation will never be in a big mess or trouble. Everyone wants to live happy and worry-free environment.


simplyjacy said...

are you home now yads? welcome home!

it is definitely a relief to see that the gas prices are at least going down. here in MN, prices are about 1.88/gallon. which is really good. hopefully it will go down further if not stay on this level.

hazelicious929 said...

We are home now Jacy, thanks to God we got home safe.

You are correct, at least it will be a stable price so everybody will be happy. When we left KY, it was down to 1.56/gallon. It was such a relief to see the gas prices really going down.

Here in ND it's 1.99/gallon. Hoping to go down more.