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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holiday Shopping Promotion

I first heard about shopping on Black Friday last year after Thanksgiving and it was my first Thanksgiving. Winn and I spent it with his family eating the whole turkey meat in the table. Everyone had a great feast. It was a memorable celebration as Winn's son and his daughter's family were actively present that day. I thought they are talking about the Holy Week and I have no idea why they call it Black Friday instead of Good Friday on the Holy Week.

I know that some of us, especially the women loves to shop. Women shop until they drop. Until they will satisfy themselves on shopping what they want and need. I myself loves to shop too and go for on sale shopping as the prices dropped down and saved money. I like that kind of idea. It only not saved me some money but it also make me a wise shopper. I guess, it's not only me who wants to save from shopping. I know everyone of us wants more savings from shopping.

Since my husband will not allow me to fall in line in a very crowded places where every people will be patiently waiting for the store to open as early as 5AM just to get the good deals from the store. Luckily, this coming black friday 2008, I came across this website where I can shop online without the big fuss of waiting and being in the crowd early in the morning. As I go through their website, I found out that there are lots of deals where you can shop from Best Buy deals, Kohl's specials and from JCPenny's ads. I wish to get lower prices from clothes, DVD's and other things that I needed. It surely saves my time, gas and falling in line early in the morning just by shopping online at my own comfort.


simplyjacy said...

i have been checking this site for the past days, Haze. not only it is the best time and place to shop for Christmas gifts but it is the best time to shop for Travis' Birthday gift.

hazelicious929 said...

correct Jacy. There are lots of deals and specials from all the merchants where we always shop. It is really a good way to save and shop for Travis' Birthday