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Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Helpful Thoughts

Some helpful thoughts when a friendship gone wrong:

Offer encouragement and praise when something goes right for your friend, but whatever you do, don't hide your happiness for what is going right in your life. A true friend supports at all times and should be happy for your accomplishments.

Realize that jealousy can be the root of many evil behaviors/painful thoughts and even ruin a person. Everyone can feel jealous once in awhile but if it is always present and bothering you should seek help immediately. If you feel like you are doing strange, out of character things: spying, checking the person's web page 24/7, asking around the person's whereabouts, trying hard to compete with someone, then you might be in the state of "JEALOUSY". It can be agony and you need to talk to someone about your problem.

You might be a fun, beautiful person that people are jealous of. Too bad. Let them. You won't serve yourself any better by catering to their hate.

When someone is envious of you, it means that you have something they want. If you want to help them and they seem nice and worth the effort, offer to tell them where you got that shirt or those shoes. Tell them how you stay positive.

Empowering them is a good way to diffuse their jealousy, but only do this for those people you feel are worthy of your time and energy. Ignore the others

Their jealousy is a mask for insecurity. Once you recognize there's nothing behind the veneer, you'll be fine. You have the right as a person to be in a stable HEALTHY friendship. Choose to do so.

Jealous people will try to bring you down to their level. Don't let them. You don't have to be in a abusive friendship with anyone!

If your friend is always jealous for no reason, accusing you of false activities, than you may be in trouble. Extreme jealousy can lead to very dangerous behavior. If you are not sure if your friend is mentally stable-be very careful. Stay safe and protect yourself. Don't make fun of them just reassure them that you care about them. Consider getting out of the friendship slowly and over

You have the right to end any conversation with a person who puts you down or is nasty in anyway.

Source: Erica's Blog in Multiply


wena said...

true bitaw na iyang gipost hazie....wala jud good news about will make a person crazy and paranoid kung always na lang nagajealous esp.when it comes to friendship.

hazelicious929 said...

correct Weng. Jealousy will not do us good instead will put us in a big mistakes that someday we will regret.

Mas maayo makuntento na lang ta kung unsay naa nato because those are just material things, besides, dili man na nato madala if mamatay ta someday diba?

simplyjacy said...

hello mga sisters! nagkasinabot na diay mo dihang duha. apil pud ko beh.

i must admit Haze and Weng that I used to be a jealous friend. I am never jealous about what my friend has. I am jealous of the time she spent with other people or the attention she gave to others but not with me. More like she's getting a new bestfriend. Such jealousy tainted our friendship. We are still friends but it was never the same.

The good news is, I have grown past that and I have changed for the better.

so, when i totally agree with both of you when you said wa juy kapadulngan nga maayo ug magjealous.

hazelicious929 said...

mao ba Jacy? hala oi, sayang pud baya ang friendship nyo duha. Ako when I was in high school ana pud ko pero katagalan we have more friends around naman gud so nawala na ang jealousy on my part because I know I can run to anyone else

Then mas naglisod kay nangita ko lain friends kay ang mga friends nako sa high school dili man parehad ug course nako... in time I was ok na pud kay friendly baya ko hehehe