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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

iLasik - The New Generation

I was asked one day, what part of my body I am not willing to give up? The question put me in a deep thinking. It was like, I was in a hot seat thinking deeply for the best answer I could give. My answer was my eyes. Yes, I am scared to loose my eyesight. Who doesn't? I guess, everyone is scared to loose their eyesight. My mother always tells me not to be too close when watching TV as the radiation will affect my eyes. She even told me to open the lights when I will read something and don't wash my eyes after reading or just as after I faced the computer. It was a careful and concern advice from my mother telling me how to take care of my precious eyes.

When my sister had an eye checked-up, she was wearing prescription eyeglasses to help her see things and read words. I looked at her in a different manner asking myself why she's wearing eyeglasses at a young age. Did she forgot to follow our mother's advice on taking care of our eyes? Right now, she's wearing her contact lenses. It's amazing how technology changes so quick from prescription eyeglasses, the contact lenses and now the new generation, the outstanding technology for a better vision - LASIK technology. The NASA and the U.S. military increases their performance using a laser vision correction technologies that have benefited by civilians. The iLasik procedure only takes minutes. It reshapes the cornea to correct the refractive imperfections in the eye that causes nearsighted or farsighted. Find out more about LASIK information and get the chance to have a perfect 20/20 vision. It will not cost you a fortune and you will get a better vision without eyeglasses or contact lenses.


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