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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Wenggay! myspace graphic comments

Few weeks after I got here (July 28, 2007) to be exact, someone from the same state where I lived (Kentucky) added me in my Friendster account. I was overwhelmed that somehow, someone from the same city where I came from (Zamboanga City) wanted to make friends with me. We exchanged few messages, building a good foundation of friendship. We didn't meet in personal yet but I am still hoping that there would be a time that meeting her will keep our friendship closer to each other.

Today is her birthday and I have few wishes for her on her special day. I wish her good health, more happiness in life and good life to celebrate for many years to come. I also thank her for the wonderful friendship she have shared with me few weeks after I got here. I am getting excited in meeting Rowena someday. My husband is looking forward in meeting her as well. Happy, happy birthday Wenggay! Wish you more birthdays to come.


Wena said... make me feel so special,thank you Hazie for taking time to write me down here in ur is an honor to be ur friend...hopefully we will meet b4 you leave Ky....

I value ur much!!!

hazelicious929 said...

awww, so touch man pud ko sa comment nimu oi, hehehe I browsed for my messages last night so I will be right about the dates we first contacted each other hehehe

happy birthday!

simplyjacy said...

that's a sweet birthday tribute to her, Haze. i hope that since you're there in KY you will meet her before you go back in ND.

hazelicious929 said...

correct Jacs, it is a birthday tribute for her... I hope jud magkita mi before we will go back to ND