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Saturday, November 1, 2008

What's Up? - Halloween Aftermath

Carved pumpkins

How's everyone doing today? How was your trick or treat yesterday? I am sure that everyone had a good time. Though I never get to experience it this year as we just stayed at home last night and had a movie marathon. I wanted to spend time with my husband as much as I do especially now that I don't get to work for the whole winter time. I guess that's an amazing job I can do as a wife and a partner to him. I keep on saying to my friends that my husband didn't bring me to a pumpkin patch this year but that was fine for me, there will be more next time and more Halloween celebrations to come anyway.

Halloween decorations in Crookston, MN (Halloween 2007)

Earlier today, we visited my husband's daughter - Theresa and her two kids, Tyler and Sierra. We drove for 2 hours from our house outside Bowling Green, KY. We did have a good time. Sierra showed me how many candies she got from her trick or treat yesterday and they have carved pumpkins too. We got to play with their dogs Sammy (the Pekineses) and Lexie (the miniature dachshund). We didn't stay long as we need to get back home before it gets dark. Before going home, we drop by at KFC and ordered 20 pieces hot chicken wings with large pepsi. We both had a marvelous meal while driving home.


Wena said...

Wala diay ka costume?nagtrick or treat pud unta mo duha ni Winn=)

simplyjacy said...

those are very cute jack o' lanterns. did the kids carve it themselves?

hazelicious929 said...

wala jud Weng, we stayed home and watch movies na lang jud. ang chocolates kay for us lang man gud dili mi mag share sa mga kids hahahaha

hazelicious929 said...

Theresa their mom helped them carved those pumpkins.